Work at Home Psychic Jobs – Are They Just a Dream?

Even though there is no scientific evidence to support the concept of psychic ability, the desire to know the future has people scrambling to psychic websites for readings. 41% of people believe in extra-sensory perception according to a 2005 Gallup poll, making the psychic industry a booming business.

One way of making money off the internet is working at home as a psychic reader. Because of the 24 hour availability of online psychic sites, you can work any time, day or night, to earn extra income. While online psychic readings might be profitable, a full time salary might not be easy to earn. Internet jobs do not address the various taxes and health benefits are generally not offered. You’ll have to get very good at managing your time and who you work for to replace the money you would otherwise have made working at a regular job.

Getting hired as a work at home psychic is fairly easy. There are several companies that hire independent contractors with computers and web cams to be available any time 24 hours a day to provide the service of psychic readings. Most sites prefer you to have psychic ability and ask for references to determine your psychic skill level.

Psychics generally specialize in various mediums such as tarot card reading, astrology or numerology. You need to perfect your talent in a specific area in order to be considered legitimate and not embarrass yourself or look like a phony. Start at the library, pick a niche that you like and you know there’s work to be had in, and you’re on your way. Visiting a local psychic who offers a similar service is also a very good idea. Maybe they can see how your new job will work out.

What if you don’t have psychic talent? Most of the troubles people are looking for help with are pretty run-of-the-mill. Everybody has had their heart broken, has a family conflict of some sort, or has had trouble making ends meet. Most people would love to know that a dead relative is safe on the other side or forgives them for an earthly wrong. Making broad statements based on the clues people give during the course of the conversation allow a phony psychic to narrow the gap of error.

Convincing those who desperately want to believe is not too difficult a task. Trusting something unbiased such as tarot cards allows the person to find the meaning for themselves rather than the psychic trying to find the meaning for them and being off base.

The true problem is, can you deliberately represent yourself as something you are not and mislead people? The fact of the matter is that people use psychic information to make life altering choices. This puts a level of accountability on the psychic to be responsible in the information given. As the adage states, what goes around comes around. False psychic readings can be dangerous endeavors that could bring the negative energy you send out back to you. The amount of money you can make in the psychic world should be weighed against your principles and reluctance of paying for it later.

Overall quality people skills will be very helpful as a work at home psychic reader. Great communication and listening skills are musts. Thinking quickly and creative answers make the experience more fun for both parties. It is believed that we all have some psychic ability. Some people are more in tune to that aspect of their being and hone the skill at an early age. Perhaps with a bit of practice and the motivation of a potential paycheck, you will find your inner psychic.