Law Enforcement and Intuition

There have been many instances whereby agents of intelligence agencies and officers of local law enforcement have called on the services of individuals with special gifts. The use of psychic investigators is a secret that most agencies will never admit to, yet thanks to the thirst of the media and the odd intuitives’ search for fame – it has become a more widely acceptable field. It has now come to light that Intelligence organisations such as MI5, CIA, The FBI and other law enforcement partners are using psychics more and more. This allows them to open new avenues of intelligence, that previously would have gone down the wrong road.

As many would testify the use of spooks is down to the individual and whether they believe in the phenomena is neither here nor there. Many a skeptic has been dumbfounded by the information that is transferred by the psychic investigator

So how does a psychic do it

You must realize, that contrary to popular belief, the psychic is not there to solve cases. It remains a subject of opinion there are psychics out there that document the cases to create their own fame. Besides the media utilize this as another method of selling entertainment – recognizing the thirst for knowledge and examples of the paranormal. The psychic medium is only there to offer intelligence that could not be gathered by normal means. The psychic is able to tune into the subtle vibrations that surround objects, and people. This will promote clairvoyant or psychic images that may jolt the investigators understanding and offer another avenue to follow. Often when a case becomes a homicide investigation – it is not unusual for the deceased spirit to communicate with the medium to help the investigation.

Spirit Help

Many individuals believe the spirit that was brutally murdered hangs around on the earth plane until the murder has been solved. This is so far from the truth; we do have discarnate entities that do not transcend into the light and remain grounded. Normally though usually the spirit will be taken to the light by loved ones, angels or indeed their own guides. In the case where there are important lessons to be gained, the spirit will return because of the will of God to aid in gaining a satisfactory conclusion to the case, thus serve justice. It therefore remains obvious that no matter the reason, the case has been solved with the aid of spiritual intercession and remains an important lesson to many – as well as opening ones spiritual beliefs to a higher order of Governance. We are merely channels whereby God can allow his suitable lessons and Judgment. In short; Our creator has and always will be a weapon in the arsenal of law enforcement to ensure justice in his name, who are we to disbelieve.