Is Your Paid Advertising Marketing Gene Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck?

Want to reach a lot of people quickly and economically? Then paid advertising may be the way to go. If you want people to know your business name, then the spaced repetition offered in paid advertisements is a proven marketing strategy.

Your challenge is to leverage this gene to achieve your overall marketing goals. Nowhere is having a strategic plan along with the marketing plans and sales plans more important than when contemplating the use of this marketing gene.

Paid advertising is not just relegated to print mediums, radio or TV time. Sponsorships of local events including silent auctions are another type of paid advertising. You as a business are paying someone to put your name out in the market place. In the case of silent auctions and sponsoring tables for local not for profit or charity events, the paid advertising is a little less obvious and considered to be giving back to the community. Finally, pay for click advertising to banner ads are examples of paid advertising on the Internet.

Understanding that paid advertising is about numbers and impressions is critical to this marketing gene. Your goal is to make sure that your target market is potentially seeing or hearing your message.

Since this type of marketing specific to radio, print and television has been around for many years, there are numerous research driven resources that will ensure that your target market is included for your paid advertising dollars. Your responsibility is to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. The strength of this gene is demonstrated by the questions you ask before you buy.

If your marketing budget is limited, but you want to be in a targeted publication, you may consider writing for that print medium. Newspapers to professional journal publications are always on the lookout for good writers who can deliver consistent readership. And sometimes, they may even pay you to be in their paid print medium.

Just make sure that your demographics and psychographics are being covered whether the paid advertising is for print, radio or TV. Of all the genes in your DNA marketing, the paid advertising gene can be the most expensive and can deliver some of your most sustainable results.