Celebrity Psychics – My PERSONAL Experience With a Famous Medium (Not Recommended)

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at celebrity psychics, and weather it’s necessary to go to someone famous if you want a REAL reading. Why? Because LOTS of ordinary people miss out on EXTRAORDINARY experiences with REAL psychics that are affordable, accessible and easy to find…simply because they believe it’s important to have a “brand name” reading instead. I’ll explain and elaborate a bit for you below!

My Experience with a Celebrity Psychic in a Paragraph?

It was EXPENSIVE. It was inconvenient. And it was NOT a good! The simple truth is that I “bought” into the belief that if an intuitive was on TV, or had a lot of positive press, that means they were real. And right for me. And I was WRONG! The truth is, many famous psychics are actually FAR less accurate when tested compared to ordinary “working” intuitive’s who make their living on the phone…..or at the local psychic fair, or in a little room in their home.

In MY case?

While I won’t name the specific psychic here, I traveled a long distance, waited a long time for the appointment, and the whole thing was a huge letdown. I’ve been studying, researching and writing about psychic phenomena for close to 20 years….so my interest was both personal, and professional alike. (as I’m PAID to do some of this work) And while the psychic was nice enough, friendly and generally accommodating, the reading was SO bad as to be embarrassing for both of us. I waited and waited for something “real”, or accurate, or insightful about my own situation…and alas, it never came!

The Truth?

Had I NOT had a series of positive experiences before this, I would have sworn off ANY belief in psychic abilities once and for all. And thank GOD, I didn’t’….as since then I’ve had a large number of amazing readings. Readings that have truly changed my life…and my destiny! And the best part is that they were often done by phone from the comfort of my own home, or by visiting psychics local to me. My FAVORITE reading ever? Only cost $18 dollars…..and it truly changed my life forever!

The verdict?

A great psychic does NOT need to be famous. Or expensive. Or far away. You CAN discover what your’ re future REALLY holds…and you don’t need to leave your town…or your HOUSE to do it..:-)