Learn to Be Psychic – Auras

Everything under the sun is composed of energy. This energy field is called an aura and it has been depicted in art and literature throughout history. Traditionally the aura has been associated with halos on the heads of angels or a radiating light coming from religious icons. However the aura is more than poetic inspiration. Everyone has an aura. And with training everyone can learn to see them.

This distinctive atmosphere acts as a barometer of energy fields within the body signaling illnesses as well as gaging personality traits. By learning about auras you can increase self awareness as well as gauge the intentions and health of the people around you.

The First Law of Thermodynamics says that energy under normal conditions cannot be created or destroyed, simply transformed from one type of energy to another. Throughout the day each person gives off energy that changes and evolves as their bodies carry out the functions of life and our emotions rule our chemical makeup. The aura itself is not just one energy field but several fields blending together and sending out information about the person or place it inhabits.

Auras are comprised of seven layers. Each one is more refined than the previous one. Each layer is representative of different elements of your being. The first layer, the etheric layer, is representative of health. In a healthy person this energy field will be bright and radiant but a sick person will give off a pale and sickly etheric. The next energy field is the emotional stockroom known as the emotional layer. The emotional layer is followed by the mental layer which can identify lack of will power. Next on the energy field is an intense layer known as the astral layer. This energy spectrum reflects matters of the heart. This is the link between body, mind and spirit and should be a large and bright light source in a person who engages in healthy relationships.

Each layer is becoming more refined and difficult to see as we get to the fifth layer known as the etheric template which reflects communication and creative expression. The next layer is comprised of the visual senses. This layer known as the celestial layer represents a person’s view of the world. And the last

layer is called ketheric layer which indicates a person’s openness to the world.

In combination with brightness each person aura is color coded to reflect their health and personality. Although there are several layers of an aura there is generally one predominant color that describes a person’s personality. The colors tend to be a variation of red, green, blue, white, orange and purple. Each color represents specific traits.

For example purple represents the inclination toward spiritualism. Violet shades are indicative of artistic expression, intuition and sensuality. Reds represent action, stamina and excitement. Dark red shades bring groundage and survival instincts into the mix. Orange is the color of optimism. A person with an orange aura is positive, action oriented and adventurous. White offers a changing personality that encompasses spirituality as well as healing properties. Green is a natural color that denotes the ability to lead as well as teach. This person is a gracious host or hostess and the most socially adept. Blue hues are the most peaceful aura colors. A person with a blue hued aura is caring and sensitive as well as a spiritual seeker.