Psychic Children – How to Help Them

Psychic children are rarely praised for their psychic abilities. Perceived excellence in academic, artistic or sporting pursuits always gets recognition. But psychic abilities? Not a chance!

The reason is that parents can never be sure if their children are simply making things up or telling the truth as they see it. Remember, adults have a pretty hard time trying to describe what sensations they get when something ‘weird’ is happening around them. Think how much harder it is for children!

And yet these same children are far more sensitive than adults to the usually invisible influences around us all the time. They can describe what clothes the ghosts are wearing as well as what they want. They can tell you that there’s something angry or nasty in the bedroom and that it needs to go. They can tap in to lots of things that we, as adults, find hard to do.

We have put up barriers to the unseen world in our minds. Education, the emphasis on logic and rational thinking, even our own early experiences being ignored by our parents. All these tend to turn us off to the invisible world around us. It also makes us turn a skeptical ear to our children’s experiences.

Psychic children, which is to say, virtually all young children, are much more sensitive than us adults in many ways. For example, they will squirm away from bad energy in their sleep. You walk in and find them scrunched up at the opposite end of the bed and just think they’ve been a bit active at night, or had vivid dreams. But when they keep doing it, you have to start thinking that there’s something else going on.

In just the same way, when a child is unsure of what exactly they are seeing or experiencing, they will try to express it as best they can, with the limited verbal skills they have. This is the key moment. For, if this initial uncertain approach is scoffed at or ignored, they will tend not to try so hard the next time and give even less away the times after that, until they don’t bother to tell you a thing. They just try to cope with it themselves.

Remember in the film, The Sixth Sense. the little boy saying what he does? ‘I see dead people’ But what he really should have said was, ‘I see dead people as if they were alive and I get to talk to them even when I don’t want to and it’s scary!’ In other words, what he said was just a small part of the whole thing.

And so it is with young children, psychic children. Just because you can’t tell what is play and what is real is no reason to dismiss what they say. Just imagine if you could see things no-one else could and no-one else believed you! How isolated would you feel?

So, can you sort out the truth from the play of a young child? Probably. Just by listening and being consistent in responding to them can make all the difference. A casual question is often all that’s needed. ‘Do you often see this boy and his dog?’ ‘How do you know there are monsters in your room?’ Just by listening to the way the answers come out can help tremendously in making things clearer for you.

Above all, psychic children need reassurance. They need to know that what they are experiencing is not naughty, nasty, bad or wrong. Letting them talk about things helps a lot. Finding someone to help explain things to them if you can’t is even better. Finding others like them is probably best of all so they can see there are others like them. But not every child requires that sort of verification. Often it is enough to know that you believe them and that you can help them.

The most important point to remember is that psychic children are not abnormal. If anything it is us adults who are abnormal, because we have mostly locked away that natural ability to experience all the aspects of the world, seen and unseen. Perhaps we should be asking the psychic children to help us!