Are Phone Psychic Readings Real? The Truth About Telephone Psychics May Shock You! (No Bull)

Most people think that phone psychic readings aren’t as good as those done in person. How can they be, right? I mean…if you aren’t sitting in front of a psychic, how can they possibly read you accurately? Isn’t the idea of a phone reading stretching the realm of psychic powers in the first place?

The truth is…..psychic readings done by phone are PROVEN to be amongst the very best evidence that paranormal abilities are REAL…bar none!

Here is an example (or two.)

Did you know that famed Harvard Doctor and Professor Gary Schwartz did a series of experiments with famous psychics at the University of Arizona Veritas Program….where they PROVED that telephone readings were often so startlingly accurate, that they were scientifically (and statistically) PROVEN to be real? Participants in this study included John Edward, George Anderson and even the “real life” inspiration for the TV sensation, “Medium” with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

And today…..the well respected Windbridge Institute, featuring highly regarded scientists continues to study telephone readings to this very day. Why? Because it’s much more difficult to CHEAT on the phone. Cold reading is much tougher. Guessing is NOT as easy…and fraud, fakery and chicanery are MUCH more difficult, than when someone is sitting directly in front of the intuitive. (where body language, expressions, vocal pitch, manner of dress and physical appearance can ALL be used to get information that “appears” to be psychic)

The BEST way to prove psychic abilities are real?

Get your OWN reading. Stop listening to other people….and actively seek out your OWN evidence! It’s the only way you’ll know for sure…and the very BEST way to have an enlightening, illuminating and ENTERTAINING experience to boot!