Types of Psychic Mediums – How Can I Find a Medium Who is Genuine, Real and Accurate?

Are there different types of psychic mediums? Are all psychics able to “talk” to people who have crossed over, or is this a specialized skill that only “some” gifted intuitive have? And if I truly WANT and wish to talk to a deceased loved one or relative…what is the very BEST way of making that happen? Any of these questions sound interesting to you? Great…continue reading as we take a closer look below!

There are really only a few different broad categories of mediumship:

Psychics who act as an intermediary between “worlds” and talk, act and decipher information they get from the other side. These mediums are rare, (people like John Edward of

“Crossing Over” fame, George Anderson, John Holland and others) yet, still relatively common when it comes to the more famous names many of us are familiar with. These mediums typically do work in a groups, individually, or most commonly, on the telephone for those who live a distance away.

These are typically more “advanced” sorts of mediums who go into a trance, and will often speak in the voices of those who have crossed over. These types of mediums are often associated with “seances” and “circles” and that sort of thing, and while there have been some MIND blowing direct voice mediums over the years, (the late Leslie Flint is a famous one from the 20th century who has been studied extensively) there have also been plenty of fakes, frauds and shams as well!

: These are the RAREST of the bunch, and are mediums who actually can produce full materializations, or “ghosts” during readings that all can see. (remember, most of the other more famous psychics can “see” the other side themselves, but we can’t, and have to take THEIR word for it when they’re talking. Materialization mediums actually bring FORTH the entities themselves….and while rare, there have been several very famous physical mediums in the 20th century who have impressed some pretty smart scientists and skeptics that they are the REAL deal!

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Stick with the telephone and simply call a reputable service, or individual intuitive who has proven themselves to be good, authentic and accurate! Many of the more “exotic” mediums who do voice and physical stuff are NOT for the lighthearted, or those just getting involved in all of this. It’s good to have a few good experiences under your belt BEFORE you begin exploring some of the more “interesting” experiences that await!