What Are the Signs of Being Psychic?

If you have ever had premonitions or feelings about people or events you may have wondered, what are the signs of being psychic? Have you had a dream that came true? Knew something before it actually happened? To some degree these are all signs of being psychic.

The truth is we all have elements of psychic abilities, but it is to what degree we use them. There are many different signs that you may be psychic. We all have instincts when we first meet someone for the first time. Generally it goes along as normal, but oftentimes there are people who send up red flags – for whatever reason, we just don’t “get good vibes” from them. Or have you ever met someone that you thought you already knew?

Those are some signs of psychic ability but without further pursuit they blend into our everyday routine. Some people have clairvoyant dreams, where they may see an accident occurring and within a week or so and it actually does come true.

Sometimes you may get a certain feeling when you enter a building or someone’s home. Instantly you may be picking up on vibrations of past occurrences within this building. Perhaps something violent occurred at this location and you are able to feel this when you enter.

How many of us have been thinking of someone who we haven’t seen or heard from in a very long time and we either run into him or her or we receive an unexpected phone call from this party.

These are all signs of being psychic, but it is focusing on these signs, nurturing them and paying attention to them that makes someone a psychic. We all have these abilities, but it your choice if you want to further develop them for your own use or to assist others.