Psychic Access Review – Can You Really Get a Great Psychic Reading Online? (Yes, You Can!)

In this review we are going to take a look at Psychic Access, one of the larger online psychic services that actually provides a pretty diverse selection of offerings, across a number of different cool mediums. (no pun intended..:-)

Well, you should be either open minded to psychic phenomena, or of course someone who has had previous positive experience with either their OWN intuitive abilities or is simply a believer due to your own experience. Why do we recommend this as a prerequisite for ANY psychic reading?

Well, the truth is, and this has been proven scientifically over and over again, that people who tend to be either open to the possibilities, or, believe that the psychic abilities are a fact, tend to have much more illuminating experiences. (this has been demonstrated with just about EVERY piece of the paranormal path – from remote viewing experiments, to out of body experiences are much, much more)

If you enjoy video chat, or a reading that emulates being “there in person” this service steps up to the plate. Their video chat services are very popular, and many people prefer that sort of interaction with their reader. Psychic Access also has a HUGE geographical range, serving customers literally all over the globe, and in close to 200 countries as of this writing.

Their broad global reach, enhanced video chat services, and HUGE assortment of psychic readers. The simple truth is that they employ readers in just about every nuance and permutation of psychic specialty, and if you have hyper specific needs, the likelihood is that they’ve got someone who can help you!

They simply haven’t been around as long as some of the other providers we have come across. And while they do provide free introductory readings, it appears that many of the individual readers have their own “rules” for this, rather than a network wide standard. All that means of course, is that there is a bit more flexibility on this network than several of the others, and you may have to “hunt” for a reader who meets your specific needs AND your pricing and other requirements. (It’s not tough….just something that is worth pointing out)

Overall opinions on Psychic Access?

 The general feedback around the web is good, and they have a strong network of administrative support, which means your needs, wants and opinions as a client will be addressed should you have a problem, or simply want to have your voice heard.  Overall – highly recommended if you are looking for an authentic, intuitive experience to shine some light on YOUR personal problems, concerns or conundrums!