Warning! 3 Signs a Psychic Medium is a FAKE! (Learn How to Spot a Psychic Fraud)

You want a psychic reading but you are worried about being scammed, right? You aren’t alone. According to several recent surveys more than 3 out of EVERY 4 people now believes psychic abilities are true. (they are..:-) But a good percentage of those people are ALSO afraid of being ripped off, hoaxed or taken advantage of by fake psychics as well. (and the BIGGEST reason why many people do NOT get readings of their own…even though they really want to)

Here is what you need to look for when ascertaining whether or not a psychic is a fraud. I’ve learned this first hand after almost 20 years of psychic readings, writings and research…and I’ve found that more or less, you WON’T go wrong if you follow the below.

1 – Avoid psychics who practice “magic”. This means curses, hexes, spells and other exotic exercises in weird behavior. Why? It’s not the sort of thing that I believe in….and the friends of mine who HAVE used these style psychics have almost uniformly had bad experiences. Mostly…the BEST psychics, intuitive, clairvoyants and mediums I know and trust, recommend you avoid these style services as well. (they’re fraught with fraud, and even if there are legitimate people who offer these services, you really don’t need them to get a good reading at all)

2 – Avoid “Absolutely FREE” Psychic Offers. Why? They’re rarely free….and NEVER really good..:-) The unfortunate truth is that most “free” readings are simple bait and switch style offers designed to get you to call….and be UPSOLD to higher priced offers and services. The truth is, you SHOULD set a small budget for a reading, (10-30 dollars is fine) and you’ll find the difference between paying a few bucks and trying to get “something for nothing” is the difference between a memorable experience you’ll NEVER forget (or regret) and a bad experience that you’d like forget about the minute it’s done.

3 – Psychics who have ALL the answers. (avoid these too) Good psychics are amazingly intuitive. But they aren’t stubborn, sarcastic and SURE they are right about everything. A psychic who purports to have all of the answers (much like a few of the famous ones on TV) are often the biggest frauds you’ll find. The truth? A good psychic is humble, open minded and generous with both words and spirit. A psychic who is INSISTENT they are right on everything….are the ones I’ve learned over the years are almost ALWAYS the imposters. (and that applies to some of the celebrities you see on TV as well..:-)