Check Out Your Own Psychic Potential

Are you enticed to have a psychic reading ? Would you like to know about your love life, health, career, wealth or try and contact a loved one who has passed to spirit?

Many of us have at some time have thinking about having a psychic reading, but haven’t for one cause or another taken the matter any further.

The key cause for not taking place is usually feared of the unknown, religious beliefs or the technique we have been brought up in our families. To assuage this fear, it is helpful to recognize just what psychic readings are.

Psychic energy is holy power, so the procedure involves making contact with the astral planes (worlds.) By employing psychic power, one who is ‘tuned in’ is capable to psychically see, hear or sense the astral planes, enabling this person to give what is recognized as a psychic reading. It may astonish you to know that we are all capable to use the psychic power that would permit us all to do psychic readings. Unluckily however, most adults have “shut down” this capability by allowing physical logic to interfere. Our aware minds tell us that logically, it is not possible to contact people who have passed away, and so that is what we tend to deem. However all kids are proficient to utilize their psychic senses somewhat easily and without question, that is before logic interferes. For example, how many small kids have ‘invisible friends’ that they play with?

The two common psychic skills used are clairvoyance (clear seeing) and clairaudience (clear hearing.) The use of clairvoyance engages clearing one’s brain, tuning in to the astral planes and allowing visions and images etc. to flow in. Clairaudience is similar except instead of seeing images, voices and sounds are heard. There can, of course, be a blend of the two depending on the individual tuning in.

The most admired way for people not possessing developed psychic senses to dig up a psychic reading, is via a psychic medium or clairvoyant psychic. Mediums may offer their services in confidential individual sittings, group sittings or in Spiritual Churches.

If you listen an individual sitting, your frame of mind and approach can have an influence on the psychic reading. However skeptical you maybe, try to be open-minded, calm and let the psychic energies flow freely. If you have particular questions to ask, it is a good idea to jot them down on paper. Don’t ‘test’ the person carrying out the reading as this tends to hunk the energy flow. Take care that you note the answers given. Some mediums & psychics tape the psychic reading or allow you to do so. This allows you to have an evidence of the psychic reading to listen to afterwards.

Group sittings sometimes use their mutual psychic energies to increase the medium’s force to make strong contacts or carry out other work such as curative. Any contacts made during group sittings are evidently not confidential.

Various people’s first experience with a clairvoyant medium is often during a visit to a Spiritualist Church. Here, the medium can tune into somebody who has passed over who wishes to make contact with a member of the people attending worship. If the medium obtains a name, then that name will be spoken aloud and the congregation asked if anyone can recognize with it.

It is wise to make sure that the medium or psychic reader you employ, particularly for a private individual sitting, has authentic psychic abilities. This can be via suggestions or through the Spiritualist Churches.

Whether you are a cynic or not, always preserve an open-mind. After all, how would a caveman have reacted if told about electrical energy?

If this article pushes you to test out your own psychic potentially, then the best way to start is to join a psychic development group. Spiritualist Churches generally have psychic development groups you can join and who be familiar with you may be doing psychic readings yourself within the next few months.