The Psychic and the Prophet

The Psychic Touch, A Prophet’s Perspective

The phone rang at midnight. “Who could that be at this time of night?” I thought to myself. I am on the East coast, and this was a California area code. The woman on the other end of the line gave me her name but I did not know who she was. She sounded anxious and I alerted her to the time for which she apologized because of the three hour time difference. I asked why she was calling. She told me that an older man was greatly relieved after speaking with me and she wanted some relief in her life. We had a little talk and she is booking an appointment. She said, “… thank you. You’re an angel.”

People used to hear the word psychic and immediately form a mental picture of some woman with a crystal ball looking into the future. In the world of spirit, there is no time at all, only what you perceive as time. Or, the other image is someone talking to “dead” people. I am a psychic, teacher, author and medium and grew up Methodist! OMG, call the police. I felt that panic growing up as a Christian. As I grew in my faith, it became more apparent how God operates in all of us as vessels for Him. I use the sexual identity of God as Him because it was assumed that God was a man, which is impossible because that energy is beyond human because it creates humans, therefore it is something more.

As a 21st Century prophet, my goal is to help people with emotional and spiritual problems, just as a psychic would (the good ones) and restore balance to improve quality of life for the client. A true prophet and psychic must bring their own emotions in balance and not employ the dark, lower emotions of fear, rage, grief, envy, greed or hate. As a prophet of God, my job is to listen first and coach next with the powers of benevolence, compassion, non-judgment and humanitarianism. I hear some horror stories of people who have been drained of all their money by psychics on hotlines and it breaks my heart to hear that. When someone is faced with a crisis, a relationship issue, or some other life situation, I attempt to identify the options in front of the client, help them see the pros and cons of each choice, and, put them in a more powerful place to make the best decision. Some psychics are so negative, you want to go to the store, purchase a blade and slit your wrist. They can give no hope, no answers and only talk about who you were in the 1600’s. If that’s the case run, don’t walk as far away as you can from those folks. They want one thing-all your money.

One size does not fit all. Phone sessions with clients cannot be done with a script. It has to be real and straightforward. I love my clients. They feel it. My father used to tell me,” There are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met.” I am like him, the king of optimism. It works.

I don’t worry too much these days about whether people call me a psychic or prophet because like other sages, mystics, and saints who used their ability to communicate with the souls of others, I know we all are unique and we can all access intuition from God (Goddess, Universal Mind, etc.) to attain the information we need about everyone and provide a true reading with credibility and power that only God can give. Some psychics ask a LOT of questions when you are paying them.

Yes, spirit guides, ancestors, angels and ascended masters are real. But if a client comes with a relationship issue that needs healing, how does being Abraham Lincoln in the past help with their issue? Not a practical idea.

I pray before doing readings and ask for wisdom and healing. I perform candle burning rituals to bring focus and clarity as well.

Your words used as devotion to God have the power of redemption from ignorance. But, when used as lies, words have a strange way of making lies multiply, creating a series of destruction and confusion for all involved.

As a prophet of God, I see the light in each person. Every person is a sacred creation. My advice to anyone in the business of spiritual coaching, life coaching, preaching, teaching, counseling or any aspect helping other people and the quality of their lives, it is a cosmic mirror that you will have to face again and again.