SHOCKING! Are Telephone Psychics Real? What The Skeptics DON’t Want You To KNOW!

Are telephone psychics real?  Can you really get a genuine, accurate, insightful and HONEST psychic reading on the telephone…without leaving your home?  If you are anything like I once was….the idea of calling a telephone psychic sounds silly.  I mean….if psychic abilities ARE in fact real, the only ones worth seeing are those that you visit face to face, right?


I was wrong!  Not only have some of my BEST readings been done on the telephone, it’s a pretty widely accepted fact that phone readings are amongst the most accurate you can get.


Because most legitimate psychics don’t need to see you, face to face, to read your energy.  And more shocking…MOST readings done in person, are actually HARDER, and more potentially fraught with fraud.  Cold reading techniques, fishing for answers, guessing and all sorts of shady practices are much easier when you are sitting in front of a psychic in person, than when you call someone anonymously on the phone.

More GOOD news for phone psychic readings?

Some of the very BEST scientific testing of mediums, clairvoyants and intuitives have been done using phone psychics.  The University of Arizona’s Veritas program (featured on HBO’s documentary, the “Afterlife Experiments” and studies of psychic mediums done at the Windbridge Institute have ALL shown that the most accurate readings are those that are done “blind”, or when the psychic can’t see the client, caller or “sitter”, or the person being read.

Are ALL Telephone Psychics Created Equal?

Absolutely not.  There are plenty of frauds, fakes and pretenders out there too.  Before you call a psychic, simply read some reviews, do some due diligence, check for good customer service and good guarantees…and MOST important, go with your gut!  Trusting your own intuition can be your most powerful ally when picking a psychic…and a great way to PROVE phone psychics are real!