Self-Hypnosis For Psychic Development

This hypnosis begins with the assumption we all, as Spiritual beings temporarily clothed in human flesh, start out as psychic, in varying degrees. Over time this ability diminishes, or rather is conditioned out of us by the pressures of materialistic society.

The aim of the following is to use self-hypnosis to re-awaken our innate psychism by re-programming the subconscious. For a consistent and lasting effect the procedure will need repeating a number of times.

Psychism is, at best, an imprecise discipline. You probably won’t come up with the winning lottery numbers, though donations are welcome should you feel this article helps you achieve just that! It’s more likely you’ll start getting more and more subtle clues such as things in dreams actually happening, knowing who’s on the end of the telephone before you pick up etc etc. The point isn’t to make your fortune from your sixth sense, but to get evidence for your true Spiritual nature, that you might begin applying Spiritual principles in daily life and thus get more out of your earthly adventure.

You might want to read what follows onto a cassette tape or you might just memorize the essence to go over it in your mind. If you put it on tape, don’t rush, allow plenty of pauses.

Find a quiet time and place, disconnect the doorbell and telephone so you won’t be disturbed, and let your housemates know a little privacy would be appreciated. Get yourself into a relaxed position, sitting or lying down – whatever works for you…

Breathe slowly and deeply. Allow your breath to go deep into your abdomen, and empty your abdomen again when you exhale.

Keep that beautiful breathing going as you allow your entire body to relax. Feel the relaxation rising up, staring with your toes, your soles, your heels, your ankles.

Now feel the relaxation moving into your lower legs, your knees, your upper legs and thighs.

The relaxation moves into your hips, your abdomen, your solar plexus and your chest, heart and lungs.

It continues into your shoulders and down your upper arms, elbows, lower arms, hands and fingers.

Rising up through your arms the relaxation now moves into your neck and your head.

You are now very relaxed. Any concerns you may have now seem tiny and far away. Life’s problems are insignificant and all is right with the world.

And now take that relaxation back down your body starting with your head, neck, shoulders, chest and heart and lungs, solar plexus, abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, heels, soles and toes.

You are now completely relaxed, and in that state of complete relaxation you know that you are part of a much greater reality than that perceived by your physical senses. You have a body, for the duration of this lifetime, but you are so much more than your body. You are part of that greater whole that is Spirit. You are part of infinity, connected to every other part of infinity, and the real you is immortal.

Human psychic potential stems from our connection to that greater, infinite oneness that is Spirit. As part of that great oneness, we are in contact with every other part, and it cannot be otherwise.

The widely accepted scientific theories of relativity and quantum physics describe a universe in which time and space are very different from the concrete entities perceived by our senses, and in which, at the sub-atomic level, unpredictability is the order of the day. In response physicist James Jeans said: “The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.”

Scientific parapsychological research has found huge amounts of evidence for the existence of human awareness beyond that made possible through the physical senses. An Internet page on parapsychology produced by highly regarded scientists says “To be precise, when we say that ‘X exists,’ we mean that the presently available, cumulative statistical database for experiments studying X, provides strong, scientifically credible evidence for repeatable, anomalous, X-like effects. With this in mind, ESP exists, precognition exists, telepathy exists, and PK exists.”

Psychic abilities can take many forms; telepathy (the ability to read others’ minds), clairvoyance (knowledge of events at a distance, and also used to describe communication with the Spirit world), precognition (knowledge of the future), mediumship (the ability to communicate with the souls of the deceased), and psychokinesis or pk (the ability to influence physical events with the power of the mind).

You can do all of these things. These abilities were with you from the moment of your birth, but the demands of daily life have made you forget how to use them. Like any abilities they are stronger in some than in others, but like any abilities the more you try to use them the better you become. We’re all better in some of the psychic abilities than others. As you try to practice them all experience will show which are your strongest areas.

When we make the choice of being born into the physical realm our knowledge of our true Spiritual reality is buried so deeply within ourselves it is as though it is forgotten. This is so we may focus our attention upon the physical realm and thus fulfill the purpose of our incarnation. But though buried deeply our Spiritual essence is never lost.

We are surrounded by clues to our Spiritual reality, just waiting to be recognized, yet too often we are so engaged in material matters that we fail to notice them, These psychic clues may come in the form of dreams that somehow mirror the reality of the future, as uncanny coincidences that seem too wild to be true but happen nonetheless, by knowing whose at the other end before you pick up the telephone, just by the feeling sometimes that you’re not alone… Don’t dismiss these clues, acknowledge them, thank the Spirit world for letting you know they’re around, and actively start watching for them, there are more than you might think.

This world is a demanding place, but try to leave some time and space to rediscover your Spiritual essence and psychic abilities. Take time, 2 or 3 times a week or more, just to sit quietly, take deep breaths, calm your mind and invite the Spiritual realm to draw close. When the telephone rings try to guess who it might be before picking up. Try to guess what might be in the morning mail, or on the headline of your newspaper. Look at the horse racing line-ups and see which horses you’re drawn to (avoid looking at the form). You won’t always be right, but you may be surprised how often you are and you might find you get better at these games the more you try them.

It will soon be time to return to waking consciousness, when you do you will remember this message and apply it in your daily life. You are psychic and your psychic abilities will continue to improve over time.

I’m now going to count from 1 to 5, when I reach 5 you will be wide awake, refreshed, energized and ready to combine the demands of your earthly life with your journey of Spiritual discovery.

1… 2… 3… 4… 5…