Communicating Across the Veil – Five Steps Towards Becoming a Psychic Medium

Firstly, ask yourself why you would like to follow this vocational path. Mediumship and psychic work, is a great responsibility and should not be entered into lightly. It is a path which will bring you happiness, joy, uplift, you’ll meet the most wonderful people and your own self will develop and grown.

All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums, so there is a subtle difference between the two. Allow me to explain. Psychic work involves tuning into to the energy or vibration of your sitter, to ascertain their emotional needs, or events that may be on the horizon for them. You may use a preferred tool, such as crystals, or Tarot cards to help you do this. You may receive messages, but feel it may come from the sub-conscious or higher self, rather than the spirit realms.

A medium brings forward survival evidence, that is to say, showing that life continues after the death experience. How does this fit in with your own beliefs or faith? Ascertain as to who you feel is giving you the messages or guidance from ‘the other side. Be prepared to have family or friends challenge you, for they may be anxious as you query or re-appraise deeply held beliefs.

Secondly, your next step is to take up meditation. This allows your body and mind to become still, to relax, letting go of the everyday thoughts and feelings that take up our life. As you become more settled, meditation allows those higher, psychic or mediumistic insights or intuitions to come closer and to get a word in, edgeways!

Thirdly, seek out your nearest spiritualist centre, or church. These are well worth visiting and members are more than happy to pass on experience, or offer workshops and practical sessions.

You might want to consider locating and joining an awareness or first development group, in your area. These groups or ‘Circles’ are they are sometimes called, are an excellent training ground for the novice clairvoyant. You’ll learn discipline, how to work ethically, how to improve your blossoming skills safely and sensibly. You’ll make new friends with whom to share these wonderful new experiences.

If you can, have a few readings with other mediums and clairvoyants. This gives an opportunity to see how others work and what you like, or don’t like about their methods. Were they accurate or not? Did you feel comfortable with them? If they charged, was the fee appropriate and did it comply with trading standards?

Fourth, use your senses! Be aware of your world around you and your own state of ‘being’. Take time to read quality newspapers and periodicals, books. Try to watch more learned television programmes and widen musical tastes. As your own inner self grows and develops, all that you take in is being stored away in your subconscious mind to draw upon and in turn you’ll give richer, fuller readings.

Fifth, learn to trust the information you receive intuitively,finding the confidence to ‘speak up’, when it comes through. Try not to second guess yourself, for if you do, it is your ‘ego’ or conscious mind interfering with a true message. Learning to trust yourself, to have faith in your ability, to have faith in that which you believe, can be the hardest part of all and this will take time, practice and courage.

As confidence grows, ask willing friends and family if they’ll allow you to give either psychic or mediumistic messages to them. Ask for honest feedback, too. You’ll be delighted and overjoyed when they give you resounding confirmation of your accuracy.

To sum up, patience, hard work, dedication and a desire to work with the highest good shall ensure that a sound foundation is laid, allowing quality communication from beyond the veil.