True Psychic Readings – The Best Way to Prepare Yourself For Psychic Information (Good Or Bad)

Do Psychics always tell the truth? And what about REALLY bad news…..? Are they going to give you the straight scoop, or will they simply tell you what you want to hear? In this article we are going to take a quick look at the HONESTY behind many psychic readings and get a firm understanding of what really goes on behind the psychic scenes.

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Here is the thing, and this is super important to remember. All people are different. Each of us has our own unique credo, sense of ethics and approach to “honesty”. Most genuine psychics that I know will NEVER tell you something to scare you, or to lead you to believe something TERRIBLE is guaranteed to be coming down the road. (like – death for example..:-)


Because most genuine psychics understand that information is interpreted. And there comes a serious responsibility with their skill, or gift. And that telling someone something catastrophic is coming, EVEN if they see it, is rarely a good idea, just because of all of the other “dominoes” that can fall, especially if they’re wrong.

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What they will tell you, instead – are things to look out for. To beware of. And to avail yourself of from the standpoint of prevention. Look – here is the thing: If you believe in fate, and you believe in destiny, and you TRULY believe that certain things are fated to happen regardless of what you do to avoid them, there is a certain “freedom” that comes with that as well.

In other words – if ALL is “scripted” in life and the outcome is already set, you can relax with the knowledge that there IS a grand plan, and that you are part of it, and that in MY view…..regardless of what happens, all WILL be ok! (because life truly continues forever…….and the REAL you, simply cannot die anyway, so don’t sweat it..:-)