Am I a Medium? 2 Sure Shot Signs You Are a Psychic Medium – (Hint, Do You See Dead People)?

Who else is curious whether they are a psychic medium? If you are anything like I was when I first started exploring psychic phenomena, one of the things that you probably considered straight away, was your OWN psychic abilities. Why? Well, when you have an authentic experience with a psychic medium or any other unexplainable, paranormal style experience you truly start to wonder about your OWN abilities. If other people have them, why can’t I? And if you do? What is the easiest way to activate, accentuate or accelerate your natural skill?

After close to decades of psychic writing, reading and research, here are the signs i found are MOST suggestive that you have psychic skill, especially in the very special mediumistic area. (Definitely more rare than “ordinary” psychic skill!)

Because if you do….this is obviously the #1 sign you have some pretty special skills! Did you know, that just about every famous, or well known medium started out feeling “unusual” or weird…simply because they saw people who had already died, or crossed over to the other side. This often manifests in childhood with aunts, uncles, grandparents….or even friends who went far too young.

Typically..these experiences begin at night, and are often thought of as “dreams”, but when you get up in the morning and learn that a favorite aunt, grandparent or long lost friend has passed… these experiences are pretty hard to explain away.

Often, people who have these experiences as kids, have them MUCH more profoundly as they get older…which leads to full blown mediumship. Many mediums I’ve worked with personally and professionally, for example, see “dead people” CONSTANTLY through the day…and often attached, or close by ordinary people who are just walking around, and living their lives without any “feeling” that they’ve got a relative, or ex husband, or odd spirit trailing them close behind!

Pretty cool….and yet, pretty distracting too! (note – this is a bit more rare – and is a sign that your psychic sensitivity is VERY developed, and is something we’ll talk about in another article more fully)

This is actually very common, and you’ll actually see this happen pretty frequently if you watch some of the more celebrity style mediums on TV, like John Edward or George Anderson. Often, they’ll stop a reading… and say something like “I’m getting the feeling YOU have some psychic ability, or this person may have “appeared” to you in a dream, etc”

The fact is, a super sensitive psychic, especially a medium, can “tap” into your energy on a pretty deep level, and they’ll often see this sensitivity… WAY before you do, or before you actually believe that you truly have the gift. So if you’ve gotten a reading… or are planning to, take special notice in what the medium says about YOU, rather than just your loved ones on the other side!