3 Psychic Abilities That Have Been Proven To Be True (100 Years of Research Can’t Be Wrong!)

What psychic abilities have actually PROVEN to be true? Are some psychic skills, or talents scientifically validated, or is the whole area a mess of mystery, myth and misinformation? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at some REAL psychic powers that are pretty much proven to be true… and the simple science that SAYS they’re fact… rather than fiction (even though the skeptics will STILL say they’re all a bunch of bull..:-)

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Yes, remote viewing, or the art and science of seeing things at a distance, often THOUSANDS of miles away, has been proven by just about any legitimate scientific standard. Tests done by the US government, for example… in the decade long OPERATION STARGATE present an AMAZING body of evidence that ordinary people can be trained to do extraordinary things with our minds.

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Don’t let them tell you otherwise. Precognition has been PROVEN, over and over again… from the famous card tests, to the extraordinary experiences of normal people like you and I who see, sense and FEEL things before they happen, that prove to come true… both in and out of a lab setting. And while I can’t PROVE to a skeptic my own amazing experiences, I can certainly trust my own instincts… as I’m sure, so TOO can you..:-)

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Very controversial, right? These powers, if TRUE… prove that we have a soul, or spirit or some sort of energy force that can exist OUTSIDE of our physical bodies. Did you know that in test after test… highly gifted projectors like Robert Monroe, Dr. Alex Tanous and others have identified people, places and things happening outside of their physical bodies… sometimes 100’s miles away, and in more than one occasion, a CONTINENT away? Or the famous test done by Dr. Charles Tart, where a woman who routinely claimed to have OBE’S correctly identified a 5 digit number set up in a separate room while she claimed to be out of the body… in a famous lab experiment still cited to this very day?

The truth is, people have been demonstrating the amazing power and potential of the human mind for centuries… and in the last 100 years or so, the evidence to support the notion that we ALL have some psychic skill is now overwhelming! (and if you’re like me… you probably find it to be the MOST exciting area to explore as well!)