Colors in Dreams and Their Meanings

Although it is said that everyone dreams, many people don t remember their dreams, still less what colors appeared in the dreams. However, paying more attention to this factor of your night hours can assist in a more fulfilling study of dream meanings. Looking at the color of objects in your dreams can lead you to a more complete understanding of what the dream meanings your subconscious is trying to tell you. Although certain colors are obvious, just as green for jealousy, to a large extent, the color symbolism in determining dream meanings may vary from person to person.

Dream meanings are an extensive and interesting study for both psychologists and psychic advisors. If you see a specific color appearing in your sleep over and over, you may want to think about what is the importance of the color to you. The dream meanings interpretation may be rooted in your childhood, or come from your more recent past. It is said that most dreams result from incidents or issues that have occurred during the day or two just preceding the nighttime visions.

Some of the more commonly accepted colors and their dream meanings include varying interpretations, simply because people don t view colors in the same way, and your subconscious will process dream meanings in different ways than others do.


Depending upon the hue of the red, it can indicate dream meanings such as an indication that you should stop doing a particular activity or going to a particular place. Red may indicate that you are sexually excited by a person or incident. Red can also mean other types of excitement, such as a zest for life and activity. A darker red can mean that you are harboring anger or even vengeance in your mind. Pay attention to the color red in the context of the dreams and you may have a clue what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Red also has a meaning of blood, or the heart. Could your dreams be trying to warn you of health problems in these areas?


Again, the context of your dreams and the shade of yellow will make a different in the possible dream meanings that can be assigned to the color yellow. A bright clear yellow indicates sunniness, happiness, optimism and positive trends in your thinking and in your life. Yellow in your night scenes can be an indication that your subconscious is trying to lift you out of a persistent depression. If the yellow hues that you see in your dreams has a muddier look, you may be facing betrayal, treachery or infidelity.


Green appearing in your dreams can indicate growth. It is the color of nature and healing. Green is also related to money. Darker, more sinister shades of green represent jealousy, green and avarice for many people. In determining dream meanings regarding the color green, you should ask yourself if you are showing an attitude of stubbornness or if you are overly opinionated about a subject.