Who is the Best Psychic Alive? My Personal Experience After Hundreds of Readings (The Truth!)

Imagine you had the opportunity to talk to the very best psychic in the world. What would you ask? How much would you be willing to pay? How much time would you need to get ALL of the answers you needed to improve your life in dramatic ways? Want to know the truth? While there are many gifted intuitive of ALL types and stripes working from one side of the globe to the other…….the fact is, calling ONE psychic the absolute best is closer to FANTASY and fiction……than it is to fact.

Here is the reason why:

In my experience, after literally HUNDREDS of readings from readers from one side of the world to the other, the simple fact is that RAPPORT with a reader is often equally as important as the skills that the psychic possesses. In other words, the very BEST psychic in the world for one person……may NOT be the very best psychic in the ROOM for another..:-) The energy, connection and transparency between two people is often MUCH more important…and much more powerful, than many psychic ads, offers, web sites and reader ratings will admit.

So should you just disregard a psychics reputation COMPLETELY before getting a reading to see if you have rapport?

Absolutely not, NO. You SHOULD read reviews, refer to testimonials, ratings and the input of others before you hire or call a psychic. Often, an intuitive that OTHERS find amazingly accurate will also be equally as impressive for you. But, that being said, you can’t rely on that alone.

For example?

I once traveled across the globe…in part, to see a psychic who was known to be one of the best readers alive. Want to know the truth? The reading was SO bad…..I was embarrassed for both of us. We simply didn’t connect….and unfortunately, learning that cost me a small fortune! Alternatively……I got a reading on the phone for 18 dollars that changed my life a few months later, and with a psychic SO good, we still keep in touch and do regular readings to this very day.

The difference?

We connected right away. However “energy” between two souls works….for us, it worked straight out of the gate! And if you’re lucky? You’ll find the very same sort of connection yourself….inexpensively, and from the comfort and convenience of your very own home to boot!